The long, arduous and successful journey of FINN LIGHT 1400 Long.

I received my beautiful Finnsub light about 4 years ago. Upon opening the box and firing the light up I was totally blown away.

It did not take long until this little light became a vital part of my dive kit following  me all over the globe in my role as Instructor and diver.

I reckon that with all the travel, my little light has done about 200,000 kilometres in my dive bag. I'm a career diver so I don't spend 400 hours packing dive bags and boxes. One day it's rebreather, then twinset, then sidemount and sometimes these days recreational training as well. My gear comes out of my dive room, gets checked thoroughly and then put in the lightest dive bag I can find. I'm like everyone else and I hate having to pay for extra luggage, so expensive hard style dive bags are not a feature in my life.  This obviously brings me on to a major thing I love about my light. My light is 'light'. It weighs nothing. If Finnsub made it weigh any less it would float in the air.

Obviously, when someone gives you a tiny (against other equivalents) light you immediately expect it to burn for about an hour and then leave you to get out of some dark cave or wreck on a backup light. But this light simply will not run out of burn time. My backup lights get more use from my son pretending to go mine diving in our lounge at home than they do underwater. With three settings the light can get you through any length dive that normal humans like me do.

This lights has been hundreds of metres back in caves, it's been bashed to pieces while I search for new areas in deep wrecks pushing through passageways, holes and silt. It has also done some incredibly deep dives having seen sub 130 metres many times in those 4 short years.

After over 1000 dives it's time to retire my little light and try out the new Finnsub 1400 Long.

You have kept me safe for a very long time. I will miss you 'little light'.

Paul Toomer