Fly Side
and Speleo
FINNSUB offers the most universal sidemount diving wing systems in the world with so many adjustable options that you can just dream about.

Tested in Europe, New Zealand and Mexico

developed by true sidemount divers

Fly Side

2 double D-rings on each side
One continuous bungee
with two clips
Techno-polymer inflator 40 cm
(another choice possible)
Weight pocket system
(2x1 kg, 2x2 kg, 2x2,5 kg)
OPV 1,4 bar
INOX buckle
Soft crotch strap with 2 D-rings
Easy operating upper exhaust valve
3 choices of backplate:
∙ 3 mm Aluminium – 0,75 kg
∙ 3 mm Stainless Steel – 2,2 kg
∙ 6 mm Stainless Steel – 4,4 kg
2 choices of harness:
∙ Standard DIR
∙ Adjustable SCHOOL
Low profile 2-layer wing with
3D harmonica design
Comfortable back pad with integrated
buoy pocket
4 low profile D-rings
Butt plate with 4 positions
for attaching tools


Weight pack for up to 16 kg of lead weight with comfortable filling
Techno-polymer inflator 34 cm DIR
One continuous hard bungee with knots
2 racks for attaching tools or accessories
INOX buckle
Soft crotch strap with 2 D-rings
2 choices of harness:
∙ Standard DIR
∙ Adjustable SCHOOL
2 double D-rings on each side
Innovative buoyancy bladder with
shape-adapt-effect and streamlined profile
Internal/external position of outlet valve and inflator - upon choice
1 unique sliding D-ring + 1 low profile D-ring
on each side

FINNSUB sidemount systems fit all types of divers

Both FLY SIDE and SPELEO have been developed together with those diving in open water, complicated cave systems, wrecks and inland dive sites.

FLY SIDE works perfect for all types of diving. We wanted a system which will let the user arrange enough weight to submerge and dive comfortably from start to finish. The solution is very simple – a backplate for perfect distribution of weight along the divers back. It was mainly designed for the cold European waters and has a unique modular concept.

SPELEO completes the sidemount product line especially for divers who love to travel. Whether in open open water or in the narrow spaces of wrecks and caves, SPELEO is a reliable partner with innovative details.

EU made uncompromising quality

All our wings are manufactured in Czech Republic with love and passion.

We use only the superior quality European components. There are different kinds of material used on the wings and all of them come from UK and/or Czech Republic.

Harness components are all made in Czech Republic and inflate/exhaust components come from Italy. Our aim was to make the best quality BC wing systems. Here they are. All we do, we do for your joy of diving.


Unique combination of big lift, robust construction and streamline profile allows the user to dive in any situation from open water to overhead environment. The weight that is required will be distributed comfortably along the divers back, fixed on backplate on FLY SIDE or stored in the sophisticated system of SPELEO weight pack.


Having tried various sidemount systems and not being completely comfortable, got us thinking of what divers need in different environments. We have developed two modular, but still easy to use systems.

Fly Side

Can be used as backmount system for diving with single tank, sidemount diving in open water with doubles and technical diving with more tanks in overhead environments. Are you backmount diver and want to start with sidemount? Any FLY harness can be modified to use with FLY SIDE system.

Customize the system


Has been developed by cave divers and explorers. It will be hard to find any imperfection there. Still able to customize, you can choose the style of harness and position of valves - inside or outside. SPELEO will guide you in Mexico caves as well as European cold cave systems.