Review of FINN LIGHT 2000 SHORT

Written by Ennio Caminada ( - PADI CD on September 29th 2017

(translated from German original)

Yesterday in the Walensee, the visibility was not great and the divers have contributed to it. The ideal conditions for testing a dive light: FINN LIGHT 2000 Short. The importer provided us with a lamp for a test dive.

The lamp has a weight of 760 grams on land and makes a very robust impression. In the water it still weighs 300 grams and doesn't throw you off balance. The lamp is operated via the colored ring on the head. The light intensity can also be determined on 3 levels. The 200 lumens (mode 1) are too weak for the lake, but absolutely sufficient for night dives in the sea or to check the environment after the dive so that nothing remains on the location. In mode 2 it brings 1000 lumens, in mode 3 it has the full output of 2000 lumens. Despite the compact design and the "small" battery, it burns for 2.5 hours at full power (mode 2: 4,5 hours; mode 1: 24 hours), which is enough for longer underwater excursions. 

Illustrative photo

What I had to consider before was that the construction cannot be connected to the dry-glove system, because the battery cannot get past the suit ring. With the accompanying Goodmann handle (which can be adjusted in height for the hand), this is not a problem. No restriction of mobility or disturbing contacts.

The light angle of 5° concentrates the light strongly and is really useful on the bad visibility. Communication with the light source is also supported by the spot. With the 3 modes, the lamp can always be adapted to the conditions. The conditions yesterday made it possible for us to do the dive with 2000 lumens. The spot breaks through the "milky" layers and therefore supports better view very well.
Due to the compact design and the low weight, the lamp is also very suitable for travel.

I can only recommend the lamp. It was really fun and I think the price of 660€ is absolutely justified.