Victor Cordoba

Victor Cordoba

Country: Spain
Diving qualification: Instructor Trainer Trainer from IANTD 
Diving since: 1985

Once I finished my bachelor degree in biochemistry I became a military and commercial diver. Diving became my passion and soon I realized the best way to share my passion was teaching diving. I've became diving instructor for several agencies and open my own diving center in Spain but it was not enough and I move to Mexico where I worked as training director for one of the biggest operation in the Caribbean. I spent 10 years teaching instructors in several countries but technical and cave diving was my favourite. Now I'm back in Spain and work freelance as Technical and Cave trainer for several agencies.

My best diving experience: It will be diving in the pit in Mexico. It’s a Deep cave where you end up in Hugh room called Wakulla room entering through a passage at 90 m Depth.

FINNSUB products: FL 3600 Long, FLY SIDE


FL 3600 Long: I was looking for a trustable diving light and equipment to use in my cave explorations. Nowadays there are many diving lights available in the market, and they look good, but the quality is low in most cases. I found FINNSUB and I recognized a great quality product and a reliable company behind. I been using their diving lights with great results and now I'm eager to use the full range of technical products they offer.

FLY SIDE: Many experience divers where exceptical about a sidemount system with a hard plate. The idea is that restrict your mobility through tight restrictions. I was one of them. After trying the unit I was surprised about how comfortable it was and it’s the best option to dive in cold waters in sidemount due to the weight pockets systems along the sides of the plate. If you are going to do a long cold dive in a cave you want this systems for sure, but in warm waters it’s also very comfortable. About tight restrictions I don´t go through a so tight restriction that I could not fit with the FLY SIDE, very few restrictions I passed are so tight that the system would not be suitable.