Category: Accessories

Soft HandleFL00HXX

Our specially designed Soft handle offers a nice comfortable neopren on the inside. With a thumb through the side hole you will be fully able to operate with both hands (works the same for right and left handed positioning). Velcro fastening works under water too. Rubber insert increases friction between the hard rubber on the Soft handle and the lamp and fix it firmly in place.

This solution is popular among all the divers for a convenient use in warm waters with or without thin neoprene gloves. With the extended strap it's possible to use a soft handle with the thicker neoprene gloves or even dry gloves. 

Material: cordura / neopren
Soft handles are available in  4 versions: 

FL00H12    Orange M/L
FL00H32Orange M/L extended
FL00H02Black L/XL
FL00H22Black L/XL extended