Due to its chemical and mechanical properties, the borosilicate glass is ideal for usage under hydrostatic pressure, which the diving appliances are exposed to in the depth of -200 msw or even deeper. It is very durable and its excellent translucence supports the LED’s performance.


Highly durable cable has a special insulation on polychloroprene basis. It is UV resistant and suitable for permanent usage in oceanic waters. The cable is flexible for easy movement of the light head.


The casing of the light heads and canisters is made of aluminum alloy that is furthermore heat treated to achieve higher rigidity. We chose this alloy for its chemical and physical character, especially for its chemical stability and resistance to corrosion. Therefore it is resistant to salt water and that ensures long lifetime.


The casing of FINN LIGHT is cut and milled from noble aluminum alloy. We cut the individual parts with modern, industrial CNC lathes.
The production follows the rules of ISO ISO/TS 16949 oriented to systems of management of quality of suppliers. And the rules of ISO 14001 focused on the environmental management.


There generate interesting solutions in our design studio. They all have the same aim – to bring our customer reliability, safety, simple and user-friendly application of our products.
In 2014 we received the prestige reddot design award for FINN LIGHT 3000 Short, read more here.


Anodization or eloxal coating is a kind of surface treatment of aluminum parts. In fact it is an oxidation process that creates protective coating on the surface. Such coating does not oxidate anymore and protects the product against corrosion, abrasion, chemical or electro-chemical damage and climatic influences.
Our lights are finished with so called “hard eloxal coating” that is very resistant to a physical impact. It ensures permanent appearance.


Quality of anodizing is checked in a laboratory and according to ISO 9001. The control lab is equipped with hi-tech X-ray, optical and electronic measuring appliances and devices, so that the required quality can be proved and documented.


Exclusive, anatomic, original. That is our own version of Goodman handle created in our design studio. This new solution is more comfortable and practical than the others. The whole design is very smooth. The screws are imbedded.
We choose Delrin® as the best material for this purpose. It keeps its mechanical resistance even in extremely low temperatures.


This type of a handle made from Cordura offers a nice comfortable neopren on the inside and the side hole for your thumb to free your hands for absolut operation during the dive.
TIZIP fastening works under water too and the rubber will hold your FINN LIGHT firmly in place.


Li-Ion technology – The characteristics of power source built of Li-Ion batteries are the ideal solution for LED. Electric power supply in FINN LIGHTs delivers stable performance for wide spectrum of diving activities. Li-Ion batteries are not liable to memory effect and so they can be recharged and discharged partially, without shortening their lifetime.


LED stands for „light emitting diode“. It is a little semiconductor chip, very durable and delivering many thousands of hours of performance. LEDs do not generate as much heat as the other sources of light. Therefore they are the most effective. In terms of ratio between light output and energy consumption, they have no competition whatsoever. They do not have any parts that could break or burn. Thus they have far longer lifetime than regular bulbs or discharge tubes.
Our LED’s lifetime is 10 000 hrs of permanent usage.

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