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    Goodman handle gives the best ergonomic and anatomic grip of the diving lamp. It allows free hand movement for any diver’s activity without having to put the lamp aside.
    There are many different designs on the market. See for yourself the perfection of ours... We focused on its development with the same care as on the development of our other products.
    It is normally supplied with a delrin bar that fits well in the hand. If you prefer a flat form of the bar  made of aluminum that pushes better in the palm we can supply it as well. Additional cost would apply as per our pricelist.
    Our unique delrin Goodman handle fits perfectly whether you use thin neoprene gloves as well as dry gloves such as the Check-Up system. To make sure that the rings of the gloves do not interfere with the use of FINN LIGHT, the sleeve of the handle is purposely further away from the back of the hand. This gives enough space to move the lamp in all the different directions.
    This solution perhaps unnecessarily raises respect from some sport divers as it is seen as a "technical product" but after the first use it will soon become your favourite.

    • Material: Delrin
    • Größe: 120 x 125 x 65 mm


    A simple holder for an easy and quick use without the need of prior setup. An aluminum handle is compatible with all the FINN LIGHT Short 750 and FINN LIGHT Short 1400 models. It is provided with a hole for ie a carabine on a cord, to hang the light on BCD.
    This solution is favourite at the diving schools or diving rentals.

    • designer aluminium handle for FL Short 750 or FL Short 1400
    • strong connection with the light is guaranteed by an easy assembly


    This Soft handle offers a nice comfortable neopren on the inside. With your thumb through the side hole you will be fully able to operate with both hands (works the same for right and left handed positioning). Velcro fastening works under water too.
    The Soft handle includes rubber ring for putting on the body or small head of the lamp. The ring increases friction between the hard rubber on the Soft handle and the lamp and fix it firmly in place.

    This solution is popular among all the divers for a convenient use in warm waters with or without thin neoprene gloves.

    • Material: Cordura / neoprene / rubber
    • Two sizes: M/L in black/orange, L/XL in black/black
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