Our company was found in 1998 as distributor of two well-known Finnish brands - SUUNTO and URSUIT – which were and still are an absolute top brands in diving branch. Since then, we focus on import and distribution of high-quality equipment from other recognized producers of diving technics and sport instruments, and support these brands with a professional background on our market. In successive steps we acquired distribution of BARE, ATOMIC AQUATICS, BEUCHAT, OCEAN REEF, T52, Check-Up, GRUCA and FINIS. Today, each of these brands has a strong business position on our market and basks in popularity.

We offer complete service to divers, from choosing appropriate technics that meets their individual needs, through delivery of all types and parts of equipment including special accessories, to made-to-measure suits. We are wholesale supplier for all good shops with sports and diving equipment. Among our customers there are also diving schools and even professional teams of Czech Army, Police, fire-brigade units and Integrated rescue units.

In capacity of authorized service center we accept diving technics of all above mentioned brands for service. We focus mainly to service of Suunto instruments, service of regulators and complete service and maintenance of dry suits.

Since 2006 we develop products for some well-known world-class brands. We have gathered immense amount of experiences, knowledge and feedback from our customers and end-users. Due to that we see into the challenges of development and production.

In 2009 we began to develop diving technics under our own brand name FINNSUB.COM – ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES. Our goal is to offer perfect technologies in super design. Now we introduce our new torches FINN LIGHT that we have been developing for a year and a half.

Today we do not only distribute world-class brands to Czech and Slovak market. We also evolve our own brand and believe that one day it will become a world-class brand as well.

We constantly work on development and research and we will present next fruit of our effort here - on our website www.finnsub.com.