Toni Leskelä

Toni Leskelä, the product manager of Suunto Diving, is the technical diver as well as the paragliding enthusiast. He is regularly attending the race Red Bull X-Alps and in his free time he dives in Ojamo mine and Baltic sea. Toni was the first who tested FINN LGIHT in really rough conditions and.... FINN LIGHT stood very well such test!

Name: Toni Leskelä
Country: Finland
Diving Qualification: Cave, Trimix, CCR
I dive since: 1996
Number of dives: Have no Idea
Type of diving: Cave, Mine, Wrecks
My favourite diving location: Wrecks of Baltic
My best success: Still alive

FINN LIGHT Ambassador since: January 2010
Which FINN LIGHT I use: FINN LIGHT Short 750
Feed Back on FINN LIGHT:
On one cold weekend in January I went diving to Ojamo mine and I was so happy with the light. When I arrived to Ojamo, temperature was -20°C. I did two dives and it was proven again: Simpler things work better. I had Finnlight as well as two video lights with me. Both of the video lights started in surface but we had to swim to other end of the open water area under the ice before entering the mine and we were swimming in roughly 6 m depth whilst thermacline was in 20 m depth. Both videolights were inoperative when we entered the mine but FINNLIGHT was rocking like it was summer!!
On thing I like the lamp specifically is that is has nice defined angle of the beam but at the same time clear spot of bright light in the middle. This gives you good area of visibility but at the same time allows you to give good signals to your dive team with the bright spot in the middle. Absolutely good idea to use only one led and excellent reflector design!