Richard Dreher

Richard is very experienced and passionate cave diver and helps as with feed backs for the further development of our lights. If you want to go to Florida for cave diving course in Springs contact him and you will be surprised by his perfect service!

Name: Richard Dreher
Web site:
Country: USA, Florida
Diving Qualification: Cave, Trimix, Advanced Wreck Instructor Trainer
I dive since: 1994
Number of dives: 2500+
Type of diving: All types

FINN LIGHT Ambassador since: November 2011
Which FINN LIGHT I use: FINN LIGHT Short 1400 Smart
Feedback on FINN LIGHT:
Finnsub Lights are some of the brightest, most reliable, and compact primary lights on the market.  The quality is unsurpassed and the prices are amazing.  Finnsub's 1400 short smart light is hands down the best light on the market for all technical diving applications.