Anders Heegaard

Anders has been diving since he was a teenager, in the last 12 years he has worked fulltime in dive locations around the world.  He has a great passion for teaching diving and cave diving. Anders lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where he teaches instructors courses, cave training and technical dive courses. Read more about Anders and his credentials here:

Name: Anders Heegaard
Country: Born South African/Danish, but lives in Mexico
Diving Qualification: Cave Instructor, Technical Instructor and Course Director (Instructor Trainer)
I dive since: 1996
Number of dives: 5000+
Type of diving: Cave and Technical Open Water
My favourite diving location: Caves of Yucatan, Mexico
My best success:
Teaching cave diving to serious divers and exploring caves in Mexico. With the FINN LIGHT support, I can do both these things even better and brighter.

FINN LIGHT Ambassador since: August 2012
Which FINN LIGHT I use: FINN LIGHT LONG 1400 Smart
Feed back on FINN LIGHT:
The Finnlight 1400 Long Smart is a great light for what I need when diving. In cave diving you want something that is very powerful and at the same time very durable. With the Finnlight 1400 I find that it meets all my performance requirements for diving in caves. Its bright 1400 lumens light illuminates the cave much more than other dive lights on the market in the area. Most other competitive lights in this price range, "only" output about 1000 lumens. This will make the Finnlight 1400 a great option on the market in this area.
I used the light on a few cave and cavern dives over the last week of July 2012. In my courses I could easily compare the light to the other rental lights I used to teach with. See the video comparing FINN LIGHT 1400 I used with Dive Rite RX2:



The power of 1400 lumens is one of the main reasons I love this light for cave diving. It's amazing, that I took this light back to caves where I had dived before, but this time to see the cave in a very different way. I was able to illuminate 50-70% more of the cave than before, completely changing the way I saw the cave.

The low profile volume makes the light easy to transport and dive with. Its low profile streamlined design makes it great for cave diving. In my teaching I dive a lot in Sidemount configuration, here the low profile canister I place on my buttstrap, to help me get an even more streamlined low profile when diving in tighter caves.

The durability also is a huge PLUS for this canister light. Its canister body made of resistant aluminum alloy protects it against impact with the cave.

The focus beam of 10degree illuminates the cave well, and gives good communication signals.