Axel Früh

Durch einen guten Freund kam Axel 2005 zum ersten Mal mit dem Höhlentauchen auf Sardinien in Kontakt und seit dort lies ihn die Begeisterung für die Höhlen nicht mehr los..
Tauchgänge: 2500+
Mein Lieblingstauchplatz: Palau Blue Corner und die Höhlen von Mexiko

Paul Toomer

Having a passion for the underwater world it was not long till he decided that this was the career he had been looking for.
Number of dives: 5000+
Type of diving: Technical Wreck, Cave and Open Water

Anders Heegaard

Anders has been diving since he was a teenager, in the last 12 years he has worked fulltime in dive locations around the world.  He has a great passion for teaching diving and cave diving.
Number of dives: 5000+ Type of diving: Cave and Technical Open Water

Jill Heinerth

A pioneering underwater explorer and filmmaker, Jill Heinerth has dived deeper into caves than any woman in history.
Number of dives: 6000+
Type of diving: CCR Cave as well as film/photography

Dariusz Wilamowski and Garda 2012

FINN SUB.COM supported Darek's project Garda 2012 - attempt to beat the official world record (318 m) in deep diving. We have developed and built special wing FLY EXTREME for Darek's way to the depth 325 m.
Read about the result...

Richard Dreher

Friendly cave instructor from Florida is offering cave diving courses of all levels and represents our brand in USA. He tests our products and gives us feed back for further development.
Number of dives: 2500+ Type of diving: All types

Toni Leskelä

Toni is the technical diver as well as the paragliding enthusiast. He is regularly attending the race Red Bull X-Alps and in his free time he dives in Ojamo mine and Baltic sea. Toni was the first who tested FINN LIGHT in really rough conditions and.... FINN LIGHT stood very well such test!